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IMG_9643 Kulusuk Bay
IMG_5833 DIGA at Il Ngwesi - Kenya
110 IMG_0432 El Nido - Philippines
DSC02606 xCheetah brothers at kill Il Ngwesi
IMG_4573 Tien Chew personal Camera
063 IMG_2808 Islas Las Aves - Carribean Sea
DSC_0161 Pyramids Cairo
052 IMG_3144 Port-au-Prince - Hait
IMG_3827 Aussenkehr Orange River Namibia
IMG_3703 Sossusvlei Namibia
IMG_6238 Sunrise DIGA Lokichoggio Kenya
IMG_7467 Georgeous view FL085 East Med
119 IMG_9727 Causeway Penang - Malaysia
020 IMG_4108 Iceberg - Disko Bay - Ilulissat - Greenland
IMG_5399 Sveitarfelagid Olfu - lava wow.
012 DSC03635 Kulusuk - Greenland
IMG_5319 Stunning cloud blanket
109 IMG_7812 ⁨Rio Amazonas⁩ - ⁨Urucuritu
097 IMG_8072 Awsome downpour - Rio Branc
085 IMG_2923 ⁨Moxos Plain - Beni⁩ - ⁨Bol
056 IMG_4630 ⁨Biedma⁩ - ⁨Chubut⁩ - ⁨Arge
061 IMG_9179 River Plata Corridor - ⁨Bue
018 IMG_8689 Antofagasta - Chile
IMG_6852 Robin Torres del Paine National
IMG_7328 Near Balmaceda Chile
014 IMG_0284 Cultivated valleys desert &

The threejourneysround project

One passionate individual has undertaken three remarkable, long-range helicopter journeys travelling 122,500 kilometres in 285 expedition-days through 86 countries, with a purpose to inspire, educate and promote the idea of living on a better planet through sustainable development.

Sustainable development, climate change and poverty are so interlinked that they cannot be tackled in isolation.

Peter told the en route story via social media and shared the journey tracked by satellite beacon.  The journeys involve growing a Facebook following, publishing and fundraising for remarkable organisations.

Peter Wilson has
these objectives:

  • Travel with a purpose.

  • Have an aviation adventure.

  • Share stories.

TJR World map.png

If you would like to help the project please make contact via Facebook Messenger.

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