Celebration of the HX50 helicopter
Sep 2023 onwards

The covid pandemic halted long-range flying. Thinking positively, I used the time to concentrate on my Three Journeys Round books and some skiingsailing and cycling

However, when I was introduced to Hill Helicopters in early 2020, both the engineer and pilot in me were fascinated to be involved in the exciting journey to develop a brand-new British helicopter, the HX50.

Hill Helicopters aims to disrupt the modern general aviation market with their HX50 representing the first real change in helicopter design in decades.

x HX50 red.png
Hill Logo.png
x Interior.jpg
Hill Logo.png
Comparison table.png

In my opinion, the HX50 is a game changer in term of range, performance, safety, comfort, and affordability.


When I compare my Three Journeys Round configuration of the R66, the HX50 will be faster and go further.

From 2024, I am looking forward to:

  • Putting the HX50 prototypes through their paces.

  • Ferrying ships to Australia, Africa, and North America.

  • Completing the journeys planned originally for DIGA.


More wonderful flying adventures to follow soon!