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Celebration of the HX50 helicopter
Sep 2023 onwards

The covid pandemic halted long-range flying. Thinking positively, I used the time to concentrate on my Three Journeys Round books and some skiingsailing, and cycling

However, when I was introduced to Hill Helicopters in early 2020, both the engineer and pilot in me were captivated to be involved in the exciting journey to develop a brand-new British helicopter, the HX50.

HX50 is a complete reimagination of what a light helicopter can be; a truly next-generation aircraft, more powerful, streamlined, and efficient than any comparable helicopter offering levels of technology never before available in general aviation.

HX50 is powered by Hill Helicopters’ next-generation GT50 turbine engine, capable of running on sustainable aviation fuels and second-generation biofuels, reducing the carbon intensity of the aircraft by a staggering 80%, far beyond that possible for electric aircraft.

x HX50 red.png
Hill Logo.png
x Interior.jpg
Hill Logo.png
Comparison table.png

In my opinion, the HX50 is a game changer in term of range, performance, safety, comfort, sustainability, and affordability.


When I compare my Three Journeys Round configuration of the R66, the HX50 will be cleaner, faster and go further.

The HX50 represents the exciting next chapter in general aviation and in my career as an adventure pilot. From 2024, I am looking forward to:

  • Putting the HX50 prototypes through their paces.

  • Ferrying ships to Australia, Africa, and North America.

  • Completing the journeys planned originally for DIGA.


More wonderful flying adventures to follow soon!

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