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Thank you to my mentor

My mentor for sustainable development is Nigel Winser, is a life scientist who trained at Westminster University.  He has had a

40 year career supporting field research and conservation projects, principally in East Africa,  Oman and Asia with

the Royal Geographical Society and the Earthwatch Institute.


Nigel is working on projects in north Kenya, Oman and Sarawak.  This includes the

Il Ngwesi Group Ranch Conservancy in north Kenya, which is one of the destinations on Three Journeys Round and also the Trust for African Rock Art based in Nairobi.

"I have been inspired by your ambitious global journey Peter and your deep personal commitment to visit personally community projects that work to protect, manage and sustain the cultural and

natural heritage of Africa.

We all hope your Three Journeys Round expedition and the people you meet will inspire millions to learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while showcasing important work on the ground that deserves wider global attention.


A better planet through sustainable development, led by those with courage and conviction makes good business sense for Œpeople and the planet".

Nigel Winser  DSc (Hons) FRGS

Life Scientist & former

Executive Vice President of Earthwatch

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