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2017 Round the World - Matthew Gallagher

I met Matthew in Hell – a little place near Trondheim in Norway.  While there we took the opportunity to fly up to the Arctic Circle.  After my Africa journey, I was looking for crew, and Matthew jumped at the chance.  He threw himself at a fitness regime and we both attended open water survival courses.


Matthew was born in England.  He trained as a Chartered Accountant travelling widely for work.  While within UBS in the Cayman Islands he decided to change career, training to become both a fixed wing and helicopter flight instructor fulfilling his passion for flying.   He flew and helped researchers of the Florida Wildlife Commission locate alligator nests and record the egg numbers.  It was during this research that Matthew initially became interested in wildlife and conservation and currently endeavours to pass on this enthusiasm today.

2018/ 2019 Latin America - Robin Doten

I was introduced to Robin in San Diego and our paths crossed again in Iceland last year.  We then met in London to discuss the project and to fly.  The journey of a lifetime matches her free spirit and desire to take risks.  Robin self-selected as crew for South America!  She took flying lessons and we are both learning Spanish.

Robin was born in the USA.  Her main career has been in Gerontology and Oncology, which offers her caring nature to those in need.  She believes we all need to live a life we are proud of and help others along the way!  With her passion for health and wellbeing, Robin is also a certified and practicing Yoga teacher.  She has travelled widely gathering experiences to bring her closer to Nature and other cultures.  Robin assisted with the social media, photography and video.  

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