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Two Rotors: One Planet

Peter Wilson’s enthralling account of his incredible Three Journeys Round expeditions full of passion, wonderful descriptions and a little jeopardy! Peter travelled 122,500 kilometres in 285 expedition-days on three remarkable, long-range helicopter journeys, with a purpose to inspire, educate and promote the idea of living on a better planet through sustainable development.

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“Available from 16 July 2020
in all fine book retailers world-wide and online

in both paperback and ebook"

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“Peter shows us that much of the world is uninhabited, remote and beautiful but not unaffected”

Fedor Konyukhov, Survivalist, adventurer, explorer, artist, author and priest

“An astonishing and inspiring view of our rapidly changing world”

Dr Nigel Winser FRGS, Life Scientist and former Executive Vice President of Earthwatch

“An absolutely stunning achievement”

Jennifer Murray, Businesswoman, artist, mother of three and

first woman to fly a helicopter solo around the world


“Peter visited some of the best locations in the biosphere”

Gérard Moss, MBE & Margi Moss, Pilot, public speaker, environmentalist, explorer and
first person to fly a motor glider solo around the world


“Peter’s attention to detail in terms of expedition logistics is exemplary”

Mark Evans, MBE, FRGS, Explorer and Executive Director of Outward Bound Oman


“An inspirational geographical essay of our world and our time”

Steve Brooks, Entrepreneur, aviator, explorer and
first person to fly a helicopter from the North pole to the South pole

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