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Celebration of Cycling the USA
May 2023

James Ketchell introduced me to VAARU Cycles early in 2020 as we tried to keep fit during the Covid lockdowns. From the day I collected my own VAARU (the MPA Endurance frameset) from James Beresford himself I have been bitten by the cycling bug.  Beresford has designed award winning bicycle products for the last 14 years and in 2013 created Vaaru. With passion, knowledge and experience, James creates some of the best Titanium bicycles in the world, for all types of riders and for any type of journey.

While Ketchell and I were waiting at the Grill Hut in Greenland for our extraction having walked across the icecap we hatched a plan to cycle across America: something warmer than Greenland! When Beresford found out about our plans, he kindly offered to provide specially prepared Vaaru bikes for our use (GTA Frameset - VAARU’s titanium mixed terrain bike).

IMG_5315 The Bike.jpg

Then, when Beresford thought about it some more, he asked if he could join us! 


Thus, we are three currently planning for a cycling adventure from San Francisco to Miami talking at a school in each state we pass through. Introducing the team from right to left:


James Ketchell

Global adventurer, speaker, author, pilot, and Guinness World Record Holder.

Peter Wilson

Adventurer, long-range helicopter pilot, author, and Guinness World Record Holder.


James Beresford

Bespoke titanium bicycle designer, founder, and owner of VAARU Cycles.

James recorded our helicopter and bike day here.


More information to come later.

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