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Motivation Charitable Trust

“This is the chair that brought me here – this is the chair that brought my life back”.  I met the young man who said this in Arusha.  Abdullah Munish, Motivation’s Technical Coordinator in Tanzania was himself in a car accident, 16 years ago. He made his current chair as a final-year college project while on a Motivation and College partnered course.  An INSPIRATION.


On a house visit I met Julius, Judiathi and two of their four children.  The youngest is 9 years old - Judiathi was pregnant at time of the car accident.  With a spinal neck injury Julius cannot help himself.  Judiathi is the main breadwinner; making bread, doing small sewing jobs, and buying and preparing vegetables for resale.  No government support.  No insurances.  Their plight is desperate, although the children do go to school and like it and have aspirations of their own.

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Tel: +44 1275 464012

The right wheelchair can save a life - and change a life.


Motivation International is the leading provider of mobility solutions for disabled people living in the developing world.  It has shown the world, that with the right wheelchair and practical support even the most disadvantaged and vulnerable can lead healthy, active and full lives.  Working with local, national and international partners, Motivation has been transforming lives for 25 years.

“The awareness and funds that Peter's project generates will enable us to keep the wheels in motion, ensuring that more disabled adults and children living in some of the world’s poorest countries receive the right wheelchair
in the right way.”


David Constantine

Motivation Co-founder, Motivation Charitable Trust

Registered Charity No. 1079358


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