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Celebration of Sailing the Atlantic
Nov-Dec 2022

After returning from my Three Journeys Round LATAM journey in March 2019 I was offered a crew berth on a yacht by my two friends. Howard and Michael Linton, both very keen sailors were planning to join the ARC in 2019 and sail the Atlantic. I jumped at the chance to experience life at sea for an extended period.

The ARC yacht race takes you across 2700 miles of the Atlantic Ocean from the Canaries to the Caribbean on the trade wind route intended to give optimum exciting downwind sailing.

While I could scrub decks, I had NO sailing experience. I joined Lilli Mae for five training sessions in the Solent, UK during the summer of 2019. Armed with pills to overcome my seasickness I sailed my first long leg from Ayamonte, Spain to Las Palmas, Canaries in October 2019.

IMG_8246 Sitting on Lilli Mae.JPG

Then I joined the ARC from Las Palmas to St Lucia in November/ December 2019. Finally, we sailed from St Lucia to St Kitts for Christmas, and then on to the British Virgin Islands.

Howard Linton recorded a blog of our journey here.


Abruptly, the Covid pandemic halted proceedings in March 2020.

Thus Howard, Michael and I returned to repeat the ARC in 2022.

First blue water adventure

Lilli Mae 1_4x.png

We sail from Gibraltar to Las Palmas after 20th of Sep, leaving about the 25th of Sep 2022. Follow my beacon track below.


Howard Linton will add to his blog of our journey here.

More information to come later.

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