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Peter Wilson’s captivating story of his incredible Three Journeys Round expeditions presenting places in the biosphere that are so important and beautiful that only pictures do them justice.

to Charity


"A stunningly beautiful coffee table book"


Extract appears in October issue of Geographical Magazine

Check out the book review on Geographical's website

“Available from 27 August 2020 in all fine book retailers world wide and

online in hardback"

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“An inspirational geographical essay of our world and our time”

Steve Brooks, Entrepreneur, aviator, explorer and
first person to fly a helicopter from the North pole to the South pole

“An astonishing and inspiring view of our rapidly changing world”

Dr Nigel Winser Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society,
Life Scientist and former Executive Vice President of Earthwatch

“Peter has captured and shared a low-level perspective of Earth in a beautiful and dramatic way”

Katie Burton, Editor, ‘Geographical’,

the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)



“Peter visited some of the best locations in the biosphere”

Gérard Moss, MBE & Margi Moss, Pilot, public speaker, environmentalist, explorer and
first person to fly a motor glider solo around the world


“Peter shows us that much of the world is uninhabited, remote and beautiful but not unaffected”

Fedor Konyukhov, Survivalist, adventurer, explorer, artist, author and priest

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