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Website celebration of Round South America 2018/19


Sustainable Development video


Rotor Torque article, Small World: Earth-rounding in an R66, Spring 2018 Issue

Flyer article, VFR Around the World, March 2018 Issue

Helicopter Life article, The Beauty & the Beast, Winter 2017 Issue

IMG_1035 RTW spread cutout.png

Sustainable Development presentation

Coffee Table Book, Round the World 2017

Website celebration of Round the World 2017


BBC 3 Counties Radio discussion, Three Journeys Round, Nick Coffer Show, Aug 2017

AOPA video, Three Journeys Round, Frederick, Jul 2017

British Forces Broadcasting Services video & podcast, Three Journeys Round,
Brunei May 2017 

Flyer Magazine article, Around Africa solo in an R66, Summer 2017 Issue

Rotor Torque article, Three Journeys Round, Africa, Summer 2017 Issue

The Rotary Wing Show podcast 

IMG_1036 Africa spread cutout.jpg

Coffee Table Book, Africa 2016 

Website celebration of Round Africa 2016

Sustainable Development resources

Three Journeys Round Facebook page

Three Journeys Round Website page

Helicopter Life article, London to Moscow 2015, Spring 2016 Issue

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